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Mission Statement: “Helping people express their visual voice through creativity for mental health and wellbeing. “


Did you know that when we explore emotional and psychological wellbeing through creative expression, we gain a deeper understanding of who we are? Painting and drawing can have a healing effect on those who are dealing with stress and anxiety?


Social Art Ireland provides counseling/psychotherapy and Art Psychotherapy services in County Galway. We offer a variety of different therapeutic approaches like talk therapy and Art Psychotherapy for those who feel they could benefit from a creative approach. 


We provide the opportunity to experience the benefits of creativity for self-exploration and personal growth through facilitating open studios, educational projects, exhibitions, workshops and in our private practice, supporting individuals and groups of all ages. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals, groups, schools, community, the elderly, hospice, and in the workplace.


Our traveling exhibition “Louder Than Words.” illustrates just how powerful creativity can be for self-expression and personal growth. If you are having a mental health event and would like us to participate, please contact us.


Please check out your events and workshops for further information:

If you are promoting mental health awareness and would like us to join your event, please contact: 085-8606441 or follow us Social art Ireland on FB

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email:  tel: +353 85 860 6441


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