What is Create & Reflect with Mandalas

Using Art Therapy


Create & Reflect with Mandalas promotes the use of the creative art process as a method of self-reflection and awareness, benefiting mental and physical well-being.

We incorporate the mandala form as a gentle but very powerful tool for self exploration. Using experiential learning with various types of circles, materials, paper, mediums you learn ways of compiling and recording your mandalas. There is overwhelming evidence of the positive effects of engaging in the art process relating to mind, body and soul. The mandala’s symbolic nature makes it suitable for the work of self-enquiry and self- reflection.

The theory and interpretation of the mandala image, it’s symbols and how these relate to the personal process are explored These include: journaling ,self portraits, the use of specific colors relating to you personally, mandalas for meditation, visual affirmations, decision making and relationship issues.

Why are Mandalas used in expressive?

A mandala is a circle in which you can colour, draw, paint or design using a variety of materials. The word ‘mandala’ is made up of two Sanskrit words; Manda meaning ‘essence’ and ‘la’ meaning ‘container’. A circle symbolizes the container and your soul work is the essence. The mandalas created in our workshops are an expression of this essence - a picture of our soul at the moment in time.

Create & Reflect with Mandalas is a process of self exploration which happens naturally as you fill the circular space in your unique way. Mandala art making is a form of mindfulness call “Active Meditation” which results in a calming and relaxing of mind, body and spirit.

You can colour, draw, pattern the circles in any way that you like. There are no rules other than that you enjoy being in the flow of creating. You do not need artistic ability to do this. Combining journaling with this process can aid in uncovering insights about your mandalas.

The mandalas created may reveal their meaning immediately or over time. As you grow in clarity through interacting with your images, their hidden message and guidance will provide you with clarity and focus.

Theoretical base

In human history the mandala has been associated with ‘sacred space’ and throughout the ages this symbol has been used in ways that may be as expansive as to represent the universe or as introspective as to represent the self.

Carl Gustav Jung provided the early theoretical base for the value of working with mandalas. He theorized that there is a common or collective unconscious in which there are universal psychic understandings in the form of symbols, images, and archetypes. and what he termed ‘individuation’.

“….I knew that in finding the Mandala as an expression of the self I had attained what was for me the ultimate……..” C.G.Jung

We regularly run mandala workshops in various locations.

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Susan Slevin MA, Art Therapist, IACAT, Certified MARI® Practitioner

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