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PRESS RELEASE: Galway Advertiser, Wed, Oct 19, 2016

Social Art Ireland believes creativity is an essential part of the human experience; therefore we promote the use of Artistic creativity for personal development and mental health. We facilitate programs that are designed for the specific needs of the people within the educational system, community, nursing homes, and work place.

We also provide Art Therapy for positive mental health at the Athenry Primary Care Centre, County Galway for individuals, and groups.

Art Therapy image created when working with Bereavement “Saying Goodbye”

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy, that can help people who are experiencing emotional, developmental, social or psychological difficulties. It is a gentle yet powerful method of exploring emotions through the inner world of the imagination. It helps to make problems clearer and easier to talk about. Art therapy can benefit those who suffer from PTSD, eating disorders, loss and abandonment, addiction, stress and anxiety, and those with Alzheimer’s.

Who is Art Therapy for?

Art Therapy suits all ages. If you have a child who is having difficulties and can’t tell you what is happening or how they feel, art therapy may be the answer. Also young people who may have stress and anxiety it can help build confidence and the ability to focus. For adults, art therapy can provide as safe confidential space to process difficult issues, and art therapy has many benefits for the elderly as well. Client’s use art materials like paint, pastels and clay, without needing any art skills, this can be fun and relaxing, while at the same time getting their feelings out on paper.

1 hr. Session €50 Call and arrange a FREE consultation.

Create & Reflect with Mandalas is also part of Social Art Ireland, which runs workshops, incorporating Active Meditation with the enjoyment of the art process for relaxation and self-discovery. These workshops vary from 1 day, evenings or weekends and take place in different venues around the country.

At present “Active Meditation for Self-Reflection” starts October 24 to November 16th on Wednesday evenings 7pm to 8.30 for 4 weeks, at the Primary Care Center. A variety of art materials will be available. Mandalas and Journaling will be used as a method of processing colour, and the images created.

These workshops are for adults who are looking for a positive creative method of mindfulness, releasing stress and anxiety while promoting self-discovery. Fee 75€ all materials are provided.

Social Art Ireland will be exhibiting at St. Patrick’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Fair in the Salthill Hotel on October 22nd from 11am to 4 pm. Come along and talk to one of our Art Therapists.

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PRESS RELEASE: Galway Advertiser, Wed, Oct 19, 2016

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