What is Intuitive Art Making and Why is it good for you??

PRESS RELEASE: Galway Advertiser, Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Social Art Ireland will be holding Intuitive Art Making Workshops at Cregal Arts Galway during May starting Monday May 8,15,22, and 29th. There are full day and half day options. These sessions will be facilitated by an Art Therapist MA. You will be using basic art therapy techniques, and combining them with journaling. This is a powerful form of meditation while using paint brushes and art materials. The purpose of this type of creativity is to integrate the freedom of expression into other areas of our lives while building confidence and reducing stress and anxiety. Sharing with others, and having fun is all part of the process too.

Intuitive art making is about letting go of that inner critic or at least quieting it for a while! Give yourself permission to have some fun and be spontaneous. The emphases will be on engaging with the art materials without the worry of producing a work of art! Just relax and enjoy the experience, many professional artist use this method to free up their creativity from the stress of having to create that masterpiece. For the rest of us, it's a great way to explore being creative without any pressure.

The sessions will start with simple exercises for self reflection, including some journaling to help focus. Then using different materials and experimenting with color you will learn to follow what appeals to you intuitively. You will use acrylic paint since it dries quickly enabling you to build layers of colours and use many varieties of materials and applications to create different effects while being supported on how to use them. NO Judgement NO analyzing! It’s up to you to look at your own work and interpret what you feel has meaning for you. This does not mean that this work is easy, it's a method of self exploration and can be uncomfortable, and frustrating. But know that this is all part of a natural creative process. If you embrace the challenge you will give yourself permission to express your inner world. There are no mistakes in this type of creativity.

Every colour we choose every brush stroke is meant to be there…….it's all part of the process. It's all about learning to embrace our creativity and integrating its positive learning into other areas of our lives.

Build your confidence ! Enrich your life!

It’s never too late to be creative!

Booking is essential

Contact Susan@socialart.ie

Or 085-8606441

Susan Slevin

Art Psychotherapist MA

Expressive Arts Dip

Arts and Empowerment Facilitator.

PRESS RELEASE: Galway Advertiser, Tuesday, April 18, 2017 LINK: http://www.advertiser.ie/galway/article/91818/what-is-intuitive-art-making-and-why-is-it-good-for-you

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