Louder Than Words Exhibition - World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

The purposes of “Louder than Words” is to showcase the many benefits for using Art for Mental Health and Well-being.

Created by 3 art therapist’s this exhibition reflects their own use of art therapy during training and in a reflective practice. The images are personal yet represent universal aspects of being human ie. pain, anger, trauma,depression, loss abandonment and war. Art Therapy provides us with an opportunity to explore our own emotions in a safe environment with a witnessing other. A person can learn more about their blind spots, triggers and behaviours through art therapy.This colorful and thought provoking exhibition, highlights the use of creativity as a method of self- exploration and understanding.

Art skills are not necessary when using “Art as Therapy.”

During the exhibition an Art Therapist is available to answer any questions. Depending on the event space there may also be an opportunity to be creative and have some fun with art materials.

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