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* Note that while the selection is kept to just the most common component types, this list is by no means complete, and new CAD libraries continue to be added and updated on a weekly basis, so if you are looking for a specific component, please visit the vendors' websites and see if they are listed. The list below provides the approximate year a component was introduced to the market (not the year it was first sold, which is often in the 1980s), and the approximate cost of the individual components. AEM stands for Aftermarket Electronics Manufacturing. This is the group of companies that sell equipment and parts to the aftermarket. The companies in this group are typically not sold by AEM and never have been. Instead, they are vendors who sell direct to aftermarket distributors and dealers. While AEM includes some original equipment manufacturers, there are some OEM's that sell to the aftermarket, too. AutoQ and Domino were purchased by AutoScale in January of 2014. The last time we saw any mention of AutoScale was in 2011, and that was their way of saying that they were retiring Domino's business and that AutoQ would be their new "flagship" brand. Domino's was actually a low-cost brand that was primarily sold in Asia. It was a short lived brand and was not a success in the United States. AutoScale bought AutoQ in order to continue the auto parts distribution business under the AutoScale name. Facet Technologies, Inc. (Facet) was an international electronics company and one of the early leaders in the field of Automated Fabless Manufacturing (AFM). Facet Technologies was purchased by Jiangsu Juxing Technology Company Limited and is now part of their Juxing Group of companies. JST was purchased by Shenzhen Juxing Technology Company Limited and is now part of their Shenzhen Juxing Group of companies. Micro-Dimensions, Inc. (MDI) was purchased by JST in 2009. JST purchased MDI in order to focus on wafer production. While they still produce some inkjet cartridges for household printers, this is a small part of MDI's business. In 2009, New Wave Semiconductor bought a majority stake in AEM. AEM has been renamed to New Wave Automation Systems in order to reflect the larger scale of the business. New Wave Automation Systems (NWAS) is still a one-stop distributor for products from many



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Proteus Library Update Torrent shanpea

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